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August 2012


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Volunteer Gardener will be off the air 8/16/12 and 8/23/12 for special programming.

Episode 2105
Airs 8/2/12 and 8/5/12

On this episode of Volunteer Gardener, bamboo sparks intrigue and fear in gardeners. “Invasive” first comes to mind. But Marty DeHart showcases some gorgeous and graceful bamboo varieties that will work wonderfully in the garden. Troy Marden battles extreme drought and temperatures of this brutal summer, and wins. Jeff Poppen notes the good characteristics of a few common weeds and utilizes them to create teas to helps stressed out plantings. Sheri Gramer helps to assemble a swag from dried everlastings that are easy to grow and versatile.

Julie’s segment was taped at Our Bamboo Nursery
30 Myers Road
Summertown, TN 38483-7323



Episode 1913
Airs 8/9/12 and 8/12/12

Troy Marden has some advice when it comes to purchasing Knock Out rose hybrids. Marty DeHart learns of the work at the Stones River National Battlefield to eradicate invasives and replace with natives. Julie Berbiglia learns how to do lasagna gardening with Pat Lanza.

Pat Lanza is the author of four gardening books: Lasagna Gardening, Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces, Lasagna Gardening with Herbs, and My Garden Doctor.