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December 2012


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Due to special programming Volunteer Gardener will be pre-empted 12/6 & 12/9

Episode 2044
Airs 12/13/12 and 12/16/12

On this edition of Volunteer Gardener, Annette Shrader tours a garden featuring showy topiaries; some done with junipers and some with Double Knockout roses. Troy Marden helps us nurture the life-sustaining qualities of our garden soil to produce healthy plants. Sheri Gramer has the pleasure of seeing what plants will look like at maturity before she buys as she tours the demonstration bed at Bennett Nurseries. Marty DeHart gets a homeowner’s picks for prolific plants for a dry hillside setting.

Sheri’s segment was done at Bennett Nurseries
7002 Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35810

Plants featured were:
Juniperous virginiana (Eastern red cedar) Prairie Pillar
Panicum virgatum (Northwind switch grass) ‘Northwind’
Chamaecyparis obtuse ‘Verdoni’
Acer palmatum ‘Tsukasa Silhouette’
Acer palmatum ‘Mikawa yatsubusa
Taxodium distichum (Bald cypress) ‘Peve Minaret’
Cuphea ignea (Firecracker plant)
Sedum ‘Angelina’
Lobelia Techno Heat ‘Electric Blue’
Rosa Meipiedevei ‘Icy Drift’, ‘Sweet Drift’, ‘Apricot’, ‘Coral’

Troy’s segment was taped at Moore and Moore Garden Center
8216 Tennessee 100
Nashville, TN 37221

Natural soil amendments profiled: Soil Conditioner and Moisture Maximizer, Organic Brands Mushroom Compost, Natural Perma Till One Time, Mr. Natural Superior Soil Products, Top Soil Garden magic, Fafard Composted Cow manure, Mr. Natural Worm Castings


Episode 2045
Airs 12/20/12 and 12/23/12

Annette Shrader shares her plan for a new raised bed that is just feet from the back door. The goal she has for it? Fresh vegetables that go straight to the table and pretty flowers that should keep the deer away. Jeff Poppen will demonstrate how to propagate berry shrubs. Julie Berbiglia watches the arborists with Arbor Art Tree Care install a static and also a dynamic cabling system for mature tree stabilization.

Annette mentioned the following varieties of salvia:
Pineapple sage
‘Anthony Parker’
‘Baby Pink’
Salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage)

She also mentioned A Book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch



Episode 2046
Airs 12/27/12 and 12/30/12

Julie Berbiglia learns how neighbors are helping clean up nearby creeks and streams by installing rain gardens. Marty DeHart introduces us to the rose hybridizer who has brought us Coal Miner’s Daughter, Grand Ole Opry and Little Jimmy Dickens to name a few. Sheri Gramer has a fun project that takes just a little time and sparks the imagination. Jeff Poppen explains the biodynamic method of farming that he employs on Long Hungry Creek Farm.

For more information about rain gardens or to request a booklet:

To assist with “300 Rain Gardens in Nashville” project, visit

Metro Water Services Storm Water NPDES Dept can be found at Questions? Call 615.880.2420

For more information about Whit Wells’ roses

The vendor Sheri mentioned for sun-sensitive photo paper is Dick Blick Art Materials.