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January 2012


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Episode 1951
Airs 1/5/12 and 1/8/12

On this episode of Volunteer Gardener, Jeff Poppen talks about the year’s bumper crop of tomatoes on the farm. Andy Sudbrock takes a tour of a native garden which complements the house, but happens to be in the front yard. Julie Berbiglia learns how to rejuvenate petunias, then Tammy Algood serves up some delicious Honey Ice Cream.


Episode 1952
Airs 1/12/12 and 1/15/12

Join us as we tour a couple of collections belonging to some serious plant collectors. Marty DeHart finds unusual plant specimens that add to the charm and ambiance of one backyard retreat. Then Troy Marden wanders the garden beds of another specimen plant collector. Julie Berbiglia encourages novice urban farmers to begin with growing some easy herbs. Sheri Gramer discovers a whole palette of plants that work well in a rock garden situation.

Sheri’s segment was taped at Bennett Nurseries
7002 Memorial Parkway Northwest
Huntsville, AL 35810-1002

Featured plants include:
Sedum ‘Watch Chain’
Artemesia ‘Silver Mound’
Catmint ‘Walker’s Low’



Episode 1953
Airs 1/19/12 and 1/22/12

Troy Marden has the answers about natural and organic soil amendments, and what works well in a given situation. Marty DeHart takes a working stroll through the perennial bed during mid-summer to clean up, trim up, and get it looking marvelous again. Annette Shrader sees the beauty in a back yard in Autumn.

Products Troy mentioned in his segment are organic brands of mushroom compost, natural Perma Till One Time, Mr. Natural Superior Soil Products, Top Soil Garden Magic, Fafard Composted Cow Manure, Mr. Natural Worm Castings and soil conditioner.



Episode 2001
Airs 1/26/12and 1/29/12

Annette Shrader learns what it takes to grow beautiful orchids, and it’s easier than you may think. Tammy Algood mixes up a hearty breakfast bread featuring dried pears, with a little help from her friends at Beachaven Winery. Julie Berbiglia shares frugal gardening tips, and Andy Sudbrock tours a lovely shade garden.

Tammy’s segment was taped at Beachaven Winery
1100 Dunlop Lane
Clarksville, TN 37040

Julie’s segment was taped in conjunction with Gardens of Babylon
900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208

For more information about orchids, visit The Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee at