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November 2012


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Episode 2040
Airs 11/1/12 & 11/4/12

Troy Marden showcases exciting ‘new to the market’ tree varieties, plus a re-blooming azalea that’s sure to end up on your garden wish list. Julie Berbiglia learns the costs and commitment involved in keeping backyard chickens. Marty DeHart demonstrates how to divide perennials in early Spring. Tammy Algood has a new twist on squash when it is plentiful in the garden as she bakes up Squash Croquettes.

Julies’ segment was taped with Roy Garr
Garr’s Equipment Rental & Feed Inc.
11620 Lebanon Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Availability of breeds varies: Black Sex Link, Rhode Island Red
New Hampshire, Barred Rock, Black Australorp,
Buff Orpington, Assorted Crested Breed, Assorted Bantams

Troy’s segment was taped at Jackson Nursery
Proprietors: Ray and Cindy Jackson
6115 Lexie Beans Creek Road
Belvedere, TN 37306

Plants featured:
Bloom-a-thon azaleas through Green Leaf Nursery and Spring Meadows
‘Urban Apple’
‘Golden Beacon’ American sweetgum
‘Chocolate Fountain’ mimosa
‘Dragon Tears’

Recipe cards including Squash Croquettes are available at



Episode 2041
Airs 11/8/12 & 11/11/12

Andy Sudbrock visits with a butterfly enthusiast to learn what trees offer the best habitat for the winged visitors. Marty DeHart shows us lots of possibilities in textures, color and leaf shapes from the Arum family of plants. Troy Marden tours a mature residential landscape designed to work with the lay of the land and selection of suitable plant material. Sheri Gramer demonstrates how to assemble a terrarium as well as plant care.

Andy’s segment was taped with Rita Venable. Contact her at Website is for butterfly field guide.
North American Butterfly Association is
The Middle TN chapter of the NABA can be found at

Marty’s segment was taped at Hewitt Garden and Design Center
2525 Hillsboro Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

Plants featured:
Caladium: ‘Aaron’, ‘Florida Moonlight’, ‘Carolyn Wharton’, ‘F.M. Joyner’, ‘Pink Gem’, ‘Gingerland’, ‘Miss Muffett’

Colocasia: ‘Hilo Beauty’, ‘Pineapple Princess’

Coleus: ‘Fishnet Stockings’

Alocasia: ‘Black Velvet’, cuprea, rugosa, ‘Louisville’, amazonica ‘Polly’, watsoniana ‘Boa’, ‘Borneo Giant’



Episode 2042
Airs 11/15/12 & 11/18/12

Jeff Poppen explains the importance of re-mineralizing garden beds to ensure optimum plant performance whether ornamentals or vegetables. Troy Marden takes us on a tour of his garden featuring show-stopping specimens one might expect from an avid plant collector. Tammy Algood serves up sweet potato fries from the oven. Julie Berbiglia peruses a demo bed to see interesting items re-purposed for garden art.

Troy suggested Plant Delights Nursery as a source for a wide array of plants.

Plants featured from this garden included:
Zingiber mioga ‘Dancing Crane Ginger’
Euonymus japonica ‘Rokujo Variegata’
Musa ornate ‘Red Jewel’
Pinus densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’
Canna x.ehemanii

Recipe cards including Oven-Roasted Sweet Potato Fries are available at



Episode 2043
Airs 11/22/12 & 11/25/12

Jeff Poppen visits Delvin Farms to learn how this family-based operation produces strawberries for the Middle Tennessee market. Troy Marden tours The Land Trust for Tennessee’s Glen Leven Farm to gain insight into generations past by studying the property’s historic plantings. Marty DeHart showcases the colorful foliage of the family of coral bells. And Tammy Algood uses those fresh red strawberries for a Revival Bread.

Delvin Farms
6290 McDaniel Road
College Grove, TN 37046 for CSA information; for Farmer’s Markets information.

For more information on The Land Trust for Tennessee’s Glen Leven Farm, like them on Facebook.

Marty’s segment was taped at Hewitt Garden and Design Center
2525 Hillsboro Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

Heuchera featured:
Bronze Beauty, Southern Comfort, Mocha, Electric Lime, Binoche, Dale’s Strain, Sugar Plum, Berry Smoothie, Tiramisu, Miracle, Pinot Gris, Beaujolais, Caramel, Mahogany
Heucherella featured: Sweet Tea, Alabama Sunrise, Burnished Bronze
Tiarella: Happy Trails

To find a local grower for strawberries and so much more seasonal fruits and vegetables, visit Be sure and call ahead to find out current operating hours and availability.