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October 2012


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Volunteer Gardener is pre-empted for special programming 10/25/12

Episode 2114
Airs 10/4/12 and 10/7/12

Marty DeHart continues her examination of typical plant problems experienced during the extremely hot and dry growing season. Jeff Poppen visits a backyard vegetable grower to share experiences and knowledge. Annette Shrader tours a large backyard that allowed for new and mature trees along with shrubs, perennials, a stream, koi pond, and a farm pond.


Episode 2115
Airs 10/11/12 and 10/14/12

On this episode, we’ll look at successful gardening methods that increase yields, whether its vegetables, fruit or flowers. Julie Berbiglia visits the Hands on Nashville urban farm to see how their ‘food forest’ maximizes land use. Jeff Poppen demonstrates how to double dig a bed to have a stronger root system. Troy Marden digs up and divides some tried and true perennials. Sheri Gramer has a tip about marking tubers for next season. Annette Shrader has a checklist of showpieces for vertical interest in the yard or garden.

To find out more about Nashville’s Urban Farm, visit

Annette’s segment was taped at Bates Nursery and Garden Center
3810 Whites Creek Pike
Nashville, TN 37207

Plants featured:
Picea pungens ‘The Blues’ Colorado Blue Spruce
Picea glauca ‘Pendula’ Weeping White Spruce
Cedrus D. Aurea Gold Deodar Cedar
Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastgiata’ Upright Japanese Plum Yew
Quercusx warei ‘Regal Prince’ Regal Prince Oak



Episode 2116
Airs 10/18/12 and 10/21/12

Annette Shrader visits a shade gardener who shares a love for foliage and has a way to preserve it for seasons to come. Andy Sudbrock learns how we can provide for the needs of butterflies over winter. Sheri Gramer mixes up fragrant fireplace sachets. Jeff Poppen gets that Fall chores list underway and prepares for next growing season.