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September 2012


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Episode 1914
Airs 9/2/12

See the cool pumpkin and gourd display that highlights the colors and shapes of the season as we travel to the University of Tennessee West Research Station in Jackson. Sheri Gramer creates a personalized version of natural hand sanitizer. Annette Shrader keeps us in the craft shop to show us how to create gazing balls. Tammy Algood fills up the kitchen with the smells of baking Cranberry Apricot Bread.



Episode 1918
Airs 9/9/12

This episode is all about learning a new skill. Tammy Algood invites Paula Butler, an avid cheese maker, into her kitchen to make chevre from fresh goat’s milk. From separating the curds from whey through flavoring up the finished product, we’ll get tips from an expert. Tammy then uses the cheese in Fresh Herb and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken.

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Episode 2111
Airs 9/13/12 and 9/16/12

Whether you need a showpiece for the garden, or want to make the most of a small space, espaliered fruit trees are a conversation piece. Sheri Gramer learns espalier training in the European tradition on a visit to River Road Farm. Annette Shrader learns new ways to combine plantings from a master of mixed border beds. Plus, we’ll follow a long as Tammy Algood visits a farmer’s market and shares tips on selecting and storing fresh produce.

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Episode 2112
Airs 9/20/12 and 9/23/12

Marty DeHart finds a small yard that hosts a plethora of horticultural treasures. She learns for this gardener it is about picking the right plant for the right spot, and judicious pruning helps too. Annette Shrader visits with a certified arborist to learn when a mature tree has too much damage to remain viable. Jeff Poppen shares good compost practices, including the importance of sufficient aging. Sheri Gramer shares a tip about starting seeds.


Episode 2113
Airs 9/27/12 and 9/30/12

Troy Marden shows us a variety of plants that can now winter over in our area with a bit of care. The USDA recently recognized the warmer weather we’ve experienced and upgraded the Middle Tennessee hardiness zone from 6b to7a, so good mulching during winter will create a larger plant palette. Annette Shrader visits an industrious gardener / pond owner that has a backyard retreat. Marty DeHart profiles some plant problems she has seen in typical Tennessee gardens this season. Tammy Algood cooks up an entrée that will please a crowd.
Spinach Stuffed Pork Roll
will win raves. 

Troy Marden profiled the following zone-pushing plant varieties:
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’
Canna ‘Mojito’ and ‘Blue Hawaii’
Colocasia ‘Elena’
Butterfly ginger

Marty talked about using a fungicide such as chlorothalonil or tryferene for powdery mildew. An organic option would be potassium bicarbonate which is found in a product called Green Cure.

Leland Cypress all eventually get Ceridium cancre disease and there is no cure. Fend off by watering through dry spells. Marty recommends Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ as a good alternative specimen.