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January 2014


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Episode 2201
Airs 1/2/14 & 1/5/14

Julie Berbiglia takes us to the rooftop of a downtown Nashville church building that hosts a community garden featuring deep raised beds, large planters and rain barrels. Annette Shrader finds that thyme can be a good ornamental plant choice to soften a stone walk. Marty DeHart tours a home garden with design elements of Italian landscapes. Sheri Gramer demonstrates how to get moss-covered terra cotta pots. Tammy Algood reaps the benefits of a bumper crop of tomatoes with a tasty side of Hot Tomato Grits.

Julie’s segment was filmed in conjunction with McKendree United Methodist Church, Nashville.

Marty’s segment featured David Humphreys with David Humphrey’s Landscaping For more information, visit

Sheri’s project with moss pots used the following: terra cotta pots, plain yogurt (NOT lowfat), sponge brush, pieces of live, growing moss.



Episode 2202
Airs 1/9/14 & 1/12/14

Troy Marden highlights the signature elements of a formal garden: multiples of trees and shrubs of the same variety and size that are regularly pruned for uniformity. Julie Berbiglia shows how rain barrels now come in a variety of designs and user-friendly features. Annette Shrader does some fall planting and a comprehensive annual review of her 10,000 square foot vegetable garden.

Julie’s segment was taped at Home Depot, 100 Oaks. For more information visit, then search rain barrel.

Annette chose the following vegetables to grow in 2012:
Potatoes: Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Pontiac red
Crookneck and straight neck squash
Tomatoes: Aussie Bussie, Cherokee purple, German Johnson, Jubilee
Cherry Tomatoes: Sunshine Gold, Husky Cherry Red, Sweet One Hundreds
Mississippi Black Crowder peas
Dwarf Horticulture bean
Blue Lake green beans



Episode 2203
Airs 1/16/14 & 1/19/14

Sheri Gramer helps with the daily harvest of vegetables and herbs in the 7,000 square feet of gardens at Ellendale’s Restaurant in Donelson. Beets, squash, corn, tomatoes, radishes, basil, rosemary and lavender flourish in the organic beds. Annette Shrader strolls through the harmonious green garden sanctuary created bu a couple of do-it-yourselfers. Jeff Poppen visits Real Food Farms in the Grassland area to learn about the commercial tomato production on this organic CSA.

Sheri’s segment was taped at Ellendale’s Restaurant
2739 Old Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

Julie’s Viniagrette (Use on salad greens, a lamb rub, drizzled on salmon, etc.)
Put one lemon, halved plus 2 garlic cloves in food processor and chop thoroughly. Add one cup olive oil, 2/3 cup red wine vinegar, pepper and kosher salt to taste. Continue grinding in the food processor. Add preferred mix of herb flowers and leaves, avoiding woody stems. Process once again. Optional ingredients to add: chipotle peppers, parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard, juice from an orange, anchovies, or honey.

Mango Lavender Sweet Tea
Pound ¼ cup of lavender leaves and flowers with ¼ cup of sugar for 2 minutes using a mortar and pestle. This releases the herb oils and infuses the sugar. Add boiling water and steep for 5 minutes. Mash 2 mangoes, peeled and sliced, in a food processor. Strain the lavender mixture over a gallon of sweet tea. Stir in mashed mangos. Serve over ice.

Golden Fried Squash Blossoms
Pick squash blossoms early in the morning while they are open wide. Rinse. Prepare a mixture of goat cheese with fresh pesto. (Option: prepare a mixture using cream cheese and diced shrimp or salmon) Stuff a hefty tablespoon inside each blossom. Dip in a mixture of egg and heavy whipping cream, then roll in white flour. Deep fry in vegetable oil until golden brown, 3-4 minutes. Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Jeff’s segment was taped at Real Food Farms

They are accepting members for their CSA with weekly pick-ups at the farm (6740 Manley Lane, Franklin, TN 37064) and other satellite locations. Email David Dailey at



Episode 2204
Airs 1/23/14 & 1/26/14

Stand-up blooms, intricate patterned and colorful eyes, strong foliage and double forms…all attributes that daylily hybridizers are breeding into new plants. Troy Marden visits with two multi-award winning daylily growers to learn the present and future of this beloved and easy-to-grow perennial. Julie Berbiglia joins the chef of the Nashville Zoo on a tour of the herb garden located at the Croft House.

Fresh Herb Compound Butter

Fresh Herb Poultry Brine

Troy’s segment was taped at Daylily World with David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss.
1301 Gilberts Creek Road
Lawrenceberg, KY40342

Julie’s segment was taped at the Nashville Zoo
3777 Nolensville Pike,
Nashville, TN 37211



Episode 2205
Airs 1/30/14 & 2/2/14

Troy Marden spotlights two dependable evergreen perennials: rhodea and ginger. Both can provide winter interest in the shade garden. Sheri Gramer reviews a garden’s development from the idea stage through to the enjoyment of it. Bryan Obara shows how he enjoys growing fresh herbs even though he resides in an apartment building. Tammy Algood reviews several types of rice.