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July 2014


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Episode 2301
Airs 7/3/14 and 7/6/14

On this episode, Annette Shrader visits with a gardener whose new home site was once barren.  Now it’s a sea of green featuring cottage garden beds popping with color.  Julie Berbiglia is amazed with an innovative tower garden for home use that nourishes plants through an aeroponic growing system.  Troy Marden walks the grounds of Iris City Gardens to spotlight some of his favorite non-bearded iris.  Sheri Gramer travels to a nursery specializing in espalier specimens to see the new varieties of trees and shrubs they are pruning and training for dramatic effect.  Marty DeHart reviews the many attributes of the Yellowwood tree.

Julie’s segment featured The Tower Garden by Juice Plus

The Tower Garden is available in Nashville at Ace Hardware of Donelson
2730 Lebanon Pike
Nashville TN 37214

Troy Marden’s segment was taped in conjunction with Iris City Gardens
7675 Younger Creek Road
Primm Springs, TN 38476
Species featured were Louisiana Iris, Iris laevigatae, Iris versicolor, Iris pseudacorus, Iris fulva (copper iris), Japanese water iris

Marty’s segment featured Cladrastis kentukea (Kentucky Yellowwood)

Sheri Gramer’s segment was taped in conjunction with River Road Farms
Species that were featured (experiments in espalier) were:
Foster holly, Alaskan cedar, Shasta viburnum, Emerald arborvitae


Episode 2302
Airs 7/10/14 and 7/13/14

Majestic trees, heirloom flowers, and heaps of city history await visitors at the Nashville City Cemetery.  Marty DeHart visits with members of the Davidson County master gardeners who take good care of the shrubs and garden beds in this peaceful place that’s also a horticultural treasure.  Annette Shraders visits My Big Backyard, the children’s garden at the Memphis Botanic Garden, and sees how it’s catered to family fun.  Julie Berbiglia spotlights the seed exchange program available at 4 branches of the Nashville Public Library. Andy Sudbrock learns about tree varieties that supports butterflies with food and habitat.

Julie’s segment was in conjunction with the Nashville Public Library, Bellevue Branch located at 650 Colice Jeanne Road, Nashville, TN 37221 / 615.862.5854
The seed exchange program is also available at the Bordeaux, Edmondson Pike and Inglewood branches.  You will need a library card to check out seed packets.  For more information about the seed exchange program, visit or find Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange on facebook.

Marty’s segment was in conjunction with the Nashville City Cemetery
1001 4th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

And also with the Master Gardeners of Davidson County

Annette’s segment was in conjunction with Memphis Botanic Garden
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117

Andy's segment was with Rita Venable, author of Butterflies of Tennessee: Field and Garden available at
North American Butterfly Association  
For the Nashville chapter, 
For the Chattanooga chapter,


Episode 2303
Airs 7/17/14 and 7/20/14

On this program, we spotlight gardens with a purpose beyond the harvest.  Plus, we’ll introduce you to the motivated and passionate garden managers who make it happen.  Whether it’s a garden where the community comes together to plant and reap, or one that provides fresh produce to feed the hungry, there’s a lot of good growing in Tennessee. 

Marty’s segment was taped in conjunction with Abe’s Garden
Part of Park Manor Senior Lifestyle Community located at
115 Woodmont Blvd, Nashville, TN
On facebook at Abe’s Gardeners
Vegetables discussed were Pacman broccoli, Dixie Golden Giant heirloom tomatoes, White Velvet Okra, Cherokee purple tomatoes, German Johnson heirloom tomatoes

Julie’s segment was taped in conjunction with The Nashville Food Project,
Tallu Quinn, Executive Director
And also with the Wedgewood Urban Garden

Annette’s segment was taped in conjunction with Landmark Training Development Co. Vocational School


Episode 2304
Airs 7/24/14 and 7/27/14

We pay a visit to David Allard's vegetable garden that is both high-producing and pretty as a picture.  A terraced hillside takes advantage of the sunniest spot on a wooded lot, maximizing usable garden space.  Julie Berbiglia reviews the various ways to water the garden, keeping cost and efficiency in mind. And we'll learn ways to prevent compromising the neighborhood's water supply while doing outdoor watering chores.  Marty DeHart shares her experience growing cantaloupes with planting methods and variety recommendations.

Marty has good results with Hale's Best, and Burpee Ambrosia hybrid for tasty cantaloupes, and Black Diamond watermelon.


Episode 2305
Airs 7/31/14 and 8/3/14

We return to David Allard's gardens, but this time we stroll through the hillside ornamental shade garden.  It takes optimum advantage of the site, providing grand views from the house.  And we take in the scents and sights of the display garden of The Herb Society of Nashville. Also, we visit with an orchid enthusiast who gives us an overview of the species, and the basic requirements necessary for these beauties to thrive.

The Herb Society of Nashville display garden is located behind the Arts Center in Centennial Park, Nashville.  It is free and open to the public.
Plants mentioned in the tour: cardoon, red basil 'Red Robin', germander, witch hazel, artemesia, hyssop, thyme, sorrel, chamomile, Lavandula augustifolia 'Silver Frost', prostate rosemary, pineapple sage, stachys officinalis, Baptisia, Echinacea tennesseensis, bronze fennel.

American Orchid Society at
Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee