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November 2014


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Episode 2245
Airs on 11/6/14 and11/9/14

Annette Shrader talks with a knowledgeable hosta enthusiast who shares tips on selecting, grouping, planting and labeling America’s favorite perennial.  We’ll also learn about encouraging moss growth in our yards as Troy Marden visits a homeowner who has let nature do its thing.  He now has a moss lawn that requires less maintenance than turf.  Julie Berbiglia takes a lesson in micro-brewing  as she visits with the brew master at Blackstone Restaurant and Brewery.

Annette Shrader’s segment was with Larry Tucker, Mid-South Hosta Society.  He writes extensively on hostas.  His book, Made in the Shade is available by mail.    For more information,

Troy’s segment was in conjunction with Paul Moore, Garden Photographer.  He mentioned a moss vendor he uses, Moss Acres in Pennsylvania.


Episode 2246
Airs on 11/13/14 and 11/16/14

Troy Marden visits a nature lover’s home garden beds that have acres of woodlands for a backdrop.  Birds, butterflies and bees find support in the plant palette that includes natives and non-natives. Julie Berbiglia learns how to optimize a raised bed’s potential using square foot gardening.  Bryan O’bara talks about the history of Rachel’s Garden at The Hermitage, and the plantings of heirloom flowers and herbs.  Tammy Algood snips herbs of the season for Garlic Herb Puff Pastry Rolls.

Troy’s garden tour mentioned the following:
Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’

Groups that sponsor wildflower expeditions:
Tennessee Native Plant Society
Tennessee Trails
Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association
Cumberland-Harpeth Audubon Society -society

Bryan’s segment was taped in conjunction with The Hermitage.
4580 Rachel’s Lane
Hermitage TN 37076

Julie’s segment was taped in conjunction with the Davidson County Master Gardeners.  They will be sponsoring an Urban Gardening Festival on Saturday May 17, 2014.  Hours are 9am-4pm at the Ellington Ag Center, 5201 Marchant Drive, Nashville TN 37211  It’s a free community event with demonstrations, exhibitors, local artisans and vendors.


Episode 2247
Airs on 11/20/14 and 11/23/14

Troy Marden explores the expansive garden at Carnton Plantation.  Originally built in 1847, the design and plant palette remains a reflection of that era.  We tour a nationally recognized collection of dogwood at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  Sheri Gramer encourages us to grow lovage, an herb which works well in stews and beverages. Julie Berbiglia learns the benefits of companion planting for the urban gardener.
Troy’s segment was taped at Carnton Plantation
1345 Eastern Flank Circle
Franklin, TN 37064

Phillipe’s segment was taped at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
1200 Forrest Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37205
Cheekwood is home to a dogwood (cornus) collection that features 14 species and 23 cultivated varieties and thereby granted the North American Plant Collection Consortium Member status.

Julie’s segment was in conjunction with Gardens of Babylon
900 Rosa Parks Blvd #101
Nashville, TN 37208


Episode 2248
Airs on 11/30/14

Annette Shrader tours a garden that exemplifies what is possible in a small backyard space.  This one boasts specimen trees, favorite perennials, shrubs and a water feature.  Marty DeHart gleans some growing tips from a vegetable gardener that does her farming in containers on the deck.  Troy Marden showcases native azalea cultivars; sharing tips on how to site and plant for optimum performance.

Troy’s segment was in conjunction with GroWild Nursery (by appointment)
7190 Hill Hughes Road
Fairview, TN 37062