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September 2014


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Episode 2310
Airs 9/4/14 and 9/7/14

On this episode, Annette Shrader visits Jackson, Tennessee to showcase a variety of wonderful plants.  Some of them are showstoppers, and some are more subtle in their beauty.  Marty DeHart explains how to collect seeds from a variety of perennials for an economical way to fill the garden beds.  Jeff Poppen is at his Nashville CSA produce delivery and entertains farming questions from his members.

Annette's segment was taped in conjunction with Morris Nursery and Landscapes
2108 Hollywood Drive
Jackson, TN 38305
The following plants were highlighted:
Coleus 'Shiny Shoes' and 'Gold Pagoda'
Iresine herbstii (chicken gizzard)
Pilea mollis 'Moon Valley'
Phlox x 'Wanda'
Salvia splendens 'Dancing Flames'
Aralia cordata  'Sun King'
Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold' (box honeysuckle)
Manettia cordifolia 'John Elsley'
Pelargonium 'Madame Landry (geranium)
Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant)


Episode 2311
Airs 9/11/14  and 9/14/14 

It's frustrating when your vegetable garden gets struck down by disease, or decimated by pests.  But don't quit!  Jeff Poppen shares advice on curing the common problems of tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants.  Annette Shrader  helps to protect your tree investment with planting advice.  Troy Marden has plant combination suggestions for fall and winter containers. 
Tammy Algood had to come up with a Plan B when making biscuits one day, and created Grapefruit Biscuits.


Episode 2312
Airs 9/18/14 and 9/21/14

Brides-to-be in the Nashville area can choose locally-grown, fresh-cut wedding flowers.  At Basil and Bergamot in Franklin, this florist-turned-garden manager grows rows and rows of colorful flowers and foliage to celebrate special occasions.  Phillipe Chadwick strolls the full border beds of an historic Nashville residence.  Jeff Poppen shows examples of his two versions of a three sisters garden and shares what he learned based on observations and produce yield.

Sheri's segment was taped in conjunction with Emily Daniel at Basil and Bergamot Flower Farm
666.344.9682 phone


Episode 2313
Airs 9/25/14 and 9/28/14

When planning an ornamental garden, it's good to have a variety of plants to ensure there's something pretty in form, foliage or flowers year-round.  Troy Marden showcases dependable trees and shrubs that offer interest in form and structure during the dreary winter months.  Jeff Poppen shares ways to extend the vegetable growing season.  We visit the Agriculture Research Farm of Tennessee State University where studies are underway about global bean production.

Troy's segment was taped in conjunction with Moore and Moore Garden Center
8216 Tennessee 100
Nashville, TN 37221

Plants featured were:
Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'
Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Vintage Gold'
Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted'
Ilex x meservae 'MonNieves' (scallywag holly)
Ilex aquifolium 'Manvila' (gold coast English holly)
Cornus alba 'Bud's Yellow' (yellow twig dogwood)
Cornus alba 'Bailhalo' (ivory halo dogwood)
Ilex verticillata 'Nana' (red sprite winterberry)

Julie's segment was taped in conjunction with Tennessee State University

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