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July 2015


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Episode 2401
Airs on 7/2/15 and 7/5/15

One sign of a true gardener is that they can always make room for one more plant that catches their eye.  That’s the case on this episode--the gardens have expanded.  We stroll a shady backyard with tranquil sitting spots to enjoy the many hosta and hydrangea.  Then, we follow the paths through a front yard where the plant selection creates beauty and habitat for wildlife.  We learn the benefits of a teaspoon of local honey per day, and we see some miniature conifer specimens that would work well in an outdoor model train garden or fairy garden.

The Hosta Popularity Poll 2013 is a summation of the favorite hosta varieties as voted on by members of the Middle Tennessee Hosta Society.
June, Sagae, First Frost, Sum and Substance, H. montana ‘Aureomarginate’, Paradigm, Guacamole, Sunpower, Halcyon, Abiqua Drinking Gourd, Neptune, Victory, Abiqua Drinking Gourd, Neptune, Guardian Angel, Striptease, El Nino, Autumn Frost
Miniatures: Blue Mouse Ears, Pandora’s Box, Cameo

Georgeann spotlighted the following during the garden tour: Hydrangea serrata ‘Blue Billow’, Clematis ‘Sweet Summer Love’, Hydrangea ‘Tough Stuff’, Hydrangea petiolaris- climbing hydrangeas (varieties rosum, Molly, and Moonlight).  Georgeann also mentioned that her supplier is Wilkerson Mills Nursery for the climbing hydrangeas.

Judie Treangen and Phil Greenawalt’s garden spotlights mentioned Hydrangea ‘Dharuma’, Hydrangea quiercifolia ‘Little Honey’, Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Munchkin’, Spyrea ‘Anthony Waterer’  



Episode 2402
Airs on 7/9/15 and 7/12/15

Nashville’s skyline is growing by leaps and bounds, but what about green space?  Phillipe Chadwick takes us on a tour of the gardens of The Pinnacle at Symphony Place where it feels like you’re in a park in the sky. And we’ll tour a home garden where elegant Japanese maples grace the landscape and add color to every season. Urban gardeners should consider the use of hoops to protect plants from cold weather or insects. We’ll peruse the garden section of a hardware store to shop for tools that can make tasks easier.
Troy’s segment featuring a home collection of Japanese maples spotlighted Acer palmatum ‘Asahi zuru’ and ‘Beni kawa’.  The home owner recommended ‘Maples for Gardens: A Color Encyclopedia’ by C.J. van Gelderen
Sheri’s segment was taped at Hart’s Ace Hardware, Nashville.




Episode 2403
Airs on 7/16/15 and 7/19/15

We head to LaVergne to visit an enthusiastic and innovative market gardener who produces tremendous yields on a very small budget.  For him, free is the name of the game. Tammy Algood’s harvest from the corn patch goes into some yummy Fresh Corn Bisque. We visit the expanding production fields of White’s Creek Flower farm.
Sheri’s segment was videotaped in conjunction with Laura Bigbee-Fott, owner of White’s Creek Flower Farm. 
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Episode 2404
Airs on 7/23/15 and 7/26/15

Whether it’s snow peas, sugar snaps or English peas, Jeff Poppen reaps plentiful harvests.  He’ll share his experiences from a healthy seed soaking, to plant support, to necessary crop rotation. Troy Marden enjoys the wide variety of perennials adorning a might oak tree. Marty DeHart demonstrates how to combine succulents for a pleasing potted presentation.

For more information:  Jeff uses ‘Green Arrow’ and ‘Lincoln’ varieties of English peas.  For snow peas, it’s Oregon Giant Sugar Pod
Troy Marden highlighted Petasites japonicas var. giganteus (Japanese Butterbur, Dinosaur plant) Bears enormous rounded leaves that look similar to rhubarb. Works well near pond or stream as it will tolerate shallow standing water. Place carefully as this is an aggressive spreader and difficult to eradicate once established. Spreading can be controlled by sinking a heavy plastic or metal tub into the ground and placing within. Full or partial shade.  




Episode 2405
Airs on 7/30/15 and 8/2/15

We tour Sinking Creek Farm where sustainable farming practices and community outreach are the main components.  We meet an artist who specializes in Southern folklore metal work for outdoor spaces, with a focus on bottle trees. We discover Donelson Community Gardens where best practices and healthy produce are shared across the generations.
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