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June 2015


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Episode 2350
Airs on 6/11/15 and 6/14/15

Phillipe Chadwick visits a production farm in Springfield where rows of colorful iris are as far as the eye can see. Julie Berbiglia plays in the big “outdoor classroom” with some young gardeners participating in the Plant the Seed program. Sheri Gramer shares a family summertime favorite with quick herb mustard.

Phillipe’s segment was taped at Wild Iris Rows in Springfield, TN
6017 Hhway 76E, Springfield, TN 37172

Iris varieties featured

  1. Dapper Duds
  2. Dusky Challenger
  3. Takatee Falls
  4. Coral Sunset
  5. Brilliant Idea
  6. Grape Snakez
  7. Thornbird
  8. Skylark’s Song
  9. Osay Canuc
  10. Gypsy Lord
  11. Skating Party
  12. Royal Decision
  13. Black Suited

Julie’s segment was taped at Ross Elementary, Nashville with Plant the Seed

Quick Herb Mustard
1 & ½ cups Dijon mustard
1 & ½ TBSP dry white wine or rosy wine

Up to ¼ cup chopped fresh herbs. Choose one or a combination to your taste: garlic chives, basil, mint, thyme, marjoram, rosemary



Episode 2351
Airs on 6/18/15 and 6/21/15

Annette Shrader  meets a Clarksville gardener who delights in dividing perennial plants and thereby increasing the garden spaces in her yard. Troy Marden learns about Farm One, a farming project in Nashville that seeks to feed the hungry. Sheri Gramer demonstrates the Texas pot method for starting root cuttings. Jeff Poppen visits Delvin Farms to discuss marketing strategies for organic produce.
Troy’s segment was taped with Kevin Derkits, founder and executive director of Farm One
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Sheri’s segment featured the Texas Pot Method to start root cuttings:
Use 2 sizes of clay pots of different sizes so one can nest inside the other.  Place corks in the bottom of each.  Fill the large pot with enough sand that the smaller pot fits comfortably inside.
Stick cutting in root hormone, then stick it somewhere around the perimeter of the sand-filled pot. Fill the inner pot with water and keep it full throughout the process

Jeff’s segment was taped at Delvin Farms with Hank Delvin, Jr., Owner
6400 Delvin Farm Lane, College Grove, TN 37046



Episode 2352
Airs on 6/25/15 and 6/28/15

Julie Berbiglia visits Fern Top Nature Pre-School, where imaginative play, tree-climbing, and checking in with feathered friends at the chicken coop are a few of the typical activities. Annette Shrader talks squash 101. Phillipe Chadwick shares his method and tips to assemble interesting monochromatic floral designs. Marty DeHart visits the Memphis Botanic Garden Arboretum.
Julie’s segment was taped at Fern Top Nature Preschool (on facebook)
7731 Fernvale Rd, Fairview, TN 37062

Annette referred to the following squash varieties:  crookneck, sunburst (from Shepherd Seed Co.), yellow scallop, round Italian, white scallop, straightneck summer and Italian.

Phillipe’s offered a handy tip to help with successful monochromatic floral design: look at the arrangement in black and white.  To do so, take a picture of it with a smart phone camera and then go to Settings to convert the image to black & white. Once the color is out, you can see texture differences.

Marty’s segment was taped at Memphis Botanic Garden
750 Cherry Road, Memphis TN 38117

Trees featured: Ilex latifolia (luster leaf holly), Poncirus trifoliatus (hardy orange), Castanea mullissima (Chinese chestnut)