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October 2015


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Episode 2340
Airs on 10/1/15 and 10/4/15

Annette Shrader tours a backyard garden space that once was a tennis court. Now, it’s the gathering spot where family and friends want to linger and enjoy.  Marty DeHart spotlights a sampling of collectible tree specimens that are performing well at White House Arboretum. Troy Marden hones his tree grafting skills with an expert.  Jeff Poppen emphasizes the need to plan before you plant.

Marty’s segment was taped at White House Arboretum
Trees featured:
Syringa reticulate (Japanese tree lilac) ‘Ivory Silk’
Cunninghamia lancelota (blue China fir) ‘Glauca’
Acer japonicum (full moon maple) ‘Aconitifolium’
Populus alba (Bolleana poplar) ‘pyramidalis’
Abies koreana ‘Horstmann’s Silberlocke’
Gleditsia triacanthos (sunburst honey locust)
Pinus palustris (long leaf pine)
Betulus pendulax (burgundy leaf white birch) ‘Royal Frost’

Troy’s segment was taped at Jackson Nursery



Episode 2341
Airs on 10/8/15 and 10/11/15

We’ll gain some insight into growing, grouping and utilizing herbs in the herb garden at Memphis Botanic Garden. Troy Marden explains that many household items work well for a variety of common plant pests and problems.  Julie Berbiglia is introduced to bokashi composting. . 

Annette’s segment was taped at Memphis Botanic Garden
Plants featured:
Tanacetum balsamita (balsamita vulgaris, costmary)
Eryngium yuccifolium (rattlesnake master, button snake-root)
Borago officinalis (borage)
Ocimum sanctum (Holy basil)
Scutellaria incana (hoary skullcap, downy skull cap)
Echium bulgare (Vipers bugloss)
Salvia sclarea (clary sage)
Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s-wort)
Berlandiera lyrata (chocolate daisy)
Santolina chamaecyparissus (lavender-cotton, ground cypress)
Pulegium regium (pennyroyal)

For information about instructional programs on bokashi composting, contact the Speakers Bureau for the Davidson County Master Gardeners at



Episode 2342
Airs on 10/15/15 and 10/18/15

Did winter wreak havoc in your landscape?  A UT extension agent has examples of what could be worrisome, and what should be just fine in time.  Annette Shrader tours the expansive beds of a lover of conifers who has more than 600 planted.  Troy Marden shows how gardening can be accessible for folks with limited mobility at the sensory garden at Rochelle Center in Nashville. 

Annette Shrader’s segment was done in conjunction with Steve Mydelski. 
Plants featured:
Abies numidica (Algerian fir) 
Abies koreana (Korean fir) ‘Sliver Show’
Pinus strobus ‘Tiny Curls’
Pinus parviflora (Japanese white pine) ‘Bergman’
Tsuga Canadensis (golden dwarf hemlock) ‘Everett’s Golden’
Tsuga canadensis 'Beaujean'
Picea mariana (variegated black spruce) ‘Aureovariegata’
Picea abies 'Cruenta'
Cupressus arizonica (Arizona cypress) ‘Raywood’s Weeping’
Cedrus libani (Lebanon cedar)
Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain juniper)
Juniperus communis ‘Golden Cone’

Troy’s segment was taped at the Rochelle Center, Nashville

Phillipe’s segment was with David Cook, UT Extension Agent for Davidson County, TN.  The tree bark shown had hypoxylon cankers which are fatal to a tree.



Episode 2343
Airs on 10/22/15 and 10/25/15

With the colorful and exotic flowers of tree peonies, and the perennial growing cycle of the herbaceous variety, no wonder these Itoh peonies have become so popular.  Troy Marden strolls the gorgeous blooms at Iris City Gardens.  Julie Berbiglia touts a Nashville initiative: a landscape/garden tools loaner program.  David Bates knows the feeling people get when going plant shopping in the first weeks of spring.  While we may want one of everything, it’s best to be realistic about what we can accomplish in the landscape in one season. Marty DeHart takes us along on Davidson County’s First Annual Weed Wrangle.

Troy’s segment was taped at Iris City Gardens,
Itoh (intersectional) peonies featured:
New Millenium, Callie’s Memory, Rosy Prospects, Scarlett Heaven, and Bartzella

Julie’s segment was in conjunction with Metro Nashville Public Works, sponsor for the Loan-a-Tool program. For more information and a request form,

For more information about the weed wrangle event,



Episode 2344
Airs on 10/29/15 and 11/1/15

Daffodils are like the smiles of springtime, and Troy Marden visits with an enthusiastic grower of thousands of these bulbs. From the teensy yet perfect, to the gaudy and gorgeous, we talk all things narcissus.  Julie Berbiglia checks out the current trends and resources at the annual Nashville Urban Gardening Festival.  Annette Shrader shares a tip about starting seeds.  David Bates entices us with some showy 2015 plant introductions.

Troy Marden’s segment was taped with Becky Fox Matthews,
American Daffodil Society found at and on facebook. 
Photo database @ 
Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society found at and on facebook.
Plants featured include: N. Rugulosus, Campernelle Jonquil, N. gayi Princeps (1830), N. tazetta ‘Laurens Kester’ (1906), N. ‘Sweetness’ (1939), Poeticus division, N. ‘Carnyorth’ (1996), N. Pink Passion (2002), N. Pink Silk (1980). N. ‘Brooke Ager’ (1997), N.pernindisii. N. ‘Fortissimo’ (1934), N. ‘Mesa Verde’ (2001). Equation x N. fernandesii ‘Itsy Bitsy Splitsy’(2007)

David’s segment was taped at Bates Nursery, 3810 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville TN 37207
Plants featured:
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Enchantress’
Coreopsis (tickseed) Big Bang series ‘Red Shift’, ‘Cosmic Eye’
Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) ‘Platinum Blonde’
Sempervivum (hens and chicks) ‘Oddity’
Ligustrum (sterile privet) ‘Sunshine’
Distyllium ‘Vintage Jade’
Thuja occidentalis (highlights arborvitae) ‘Janed Gold’
Pinus mugo ‘Carsten’s Winter Gold’
Vaccinium hybrid ‘Blue Suede’
Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) ‘Roman Beauty’
Buddleia (dwarf butterfly bush0 ‘Blue Chip Jr.’
Nandina ‘Tuscan Flame’