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February 2016


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Episode 2405
Airs on 2/04/16 and 2/07/16

We tour Sinking Creek Farm where sustainable farming practices and community outreach are the main components.  We meet an artist who specializes in Southern folklore metal work for outdoor spaces, with a focus on bottle trees. We discover Donelson Community Gardens where best practices and healthy produce are shared across the generations.
For more information:
Stephanie Dwyer, metal artist. Contact,, On Facebook: Sinking Creek Farm, Contact:



Episode 2406
Airs on 2/11/16 and 2/14/16

Daylilies are a perennial that’s a sturdy one for beginning gardeners.  However, the choices in bloom color, size, and type can easily overwhelm.  Annette Shrader tours the home gardens of a daylily hobbyist and finds some dazzlers.  Plus, we’ll clip some culinary herbs and put them to good use in the kitchen.  A visit to Morning Glory Orchard provides insight in selecting fresh peaches from the bin. Sally Reynolds tours a perennial garden that is the pride and joy of the homeowners.

Annette’s segment highlighted the following daylily varieties: Little Wine, Midnight in Paris, The Heavens Declare, Midnight Blue Eyes, Midnight Treasure, Pink Peppermint, Twinkle and Twist, Orange Sky, and Sisyphus.

Tammy’s segment was taped at Morning Glory Orchard
7690 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN 37135

Sheri’s segment was taped at Erin’s Meadow Herb Farm
132 England Drive, Clinton, TN 37716



Episode 2408
Airs on 2/18/16 and 2/21/16

Amaranth is not only pretty in the garden, but its poised to be the super food of the future.  It produces a gluten-free, high-protein grain that’s easily digestible.  Dr. Matthew Blair, associate professor, shows us around the amaranth trial gardens at Tennessee State University’s research farm to talk about this plant that’s been called the next best thing since quinoa.  Troy Marden visits with a couple of do-it-yourselfers who direct sew a lot of flowers in the ornamental beds they’ve designed.  Jeff Poppen visits with a fellow organic gardener who successfully gardens year-round in raised beds.  High yields are testament to the method.



Episode 2409
Airs on 2/25/16 and 2/28/16

We return to the gardens of Jimmy Williams of Paris, Tennessee where the deep border beds, gorgeous plant groupings and themed beds will have you reaching for a notepad.  Tammy Algood visits Morning Glory Orchard in Nolensville to learn more about apple production challenges and successes.  Annette Shrader visits with a grand gardener in Olive Branch, MS whose determination will inspire.

Tammy’s segment was taped in conjunction with Morning Glory Orchard
7690 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN 37135