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March 2016


Air Dates: 3 & 6 | 24 & 27 | 31 & 03
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Episode 2410
Airs on 3/03/16 and 3/06/16

Julie Berbiglia visits an organic farm that produces healthy vegetables while also offering job skills training and employment to some special people.  Marty DeHart tours a small residential lot with grand curb appeal. Bells Bend Preservation Ale by Yazoo Brewery requires hops, so Jeff Poppen checks out the hops production on the farm.
Julie’s segment was taped at Old Farm School / MillarRich
5022 Old Hydes Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN  37218

Jeff’s segment was taped at Bells Bend Farms
5188 W. Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville TN 37218
Note: Yazoo has since retired Bells Bend Preservation Ale



Episode 2411
Airs on 3/24/16 and 3/27/16

Container gardening is well-suited for growing tomatoes, yet it still has its challenges. Marty DeHart visits a grower who shares tips to minimize the blight and blossom end rot that is so common. Troy Marden shows us around his daylily trial beds as he tries his hand at hybridizing.  Jeff Poppen guides us through his corn patches, both open-pollinated and hybrid varieties.

You can find Jeff at

Marty has kept records of preferred tomato varieties for taste and performance over the years she’s grown them.  Here are her recommendations:

Beefsteaks: Caspian Pink, Giant Belgium, Cherokee Chocolate, Beefy Boy, Brandy Boy, Brandywine OTV, Julia Child, Levino

Slicing/Canning: Manalucie, Arkansas Traveler

Cherry: Black Cherry

For Salsa:  Quimbaya



Episode 2412
Airs on 3/31/16 and 4/03/16

On this Volunteer Gardener, we visit garden spots unique to our community. A connection to nature has a profound impact on quality of life, and that’s certainly true for individuals with dementia. The courtyard at Abe’s Garden is a safe, expansive environment that encourages engagement for residents and their guests. The Franklin Police headquarters is a recognized leader in sustainability design features, including a 32,000 square foot green roof using native plants. And the Betty Brown Tree Trail is Nashville’s first downtown arboretum, just waiting to be explored.  So much to be proud of.

Marty’s segment was taped at Abe’s Garden
115 Woodmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37205

Phillipe’s segment was in conjunction with Metro Parks and the Nashville Tree Foundation
P.O. Box 58962
Nashville, TN 37205