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May 2016


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Episode 2445
Airs on 5/16/16

Looking for plant recommendations and design tips to kick start a landscape project?  Annette Shrader walks us through her selections for foundation plants for the front of her house. Marty DeHart has an inside track to the perennial, shrub and tree choices that a garden center owner has made for his own home landscape. Jeff Poppen has examples of his berry bushes propagating in the rows and then starting a new patch with the babies.
Tammy Algood gets us interested in a new whole grain with Freekeh and Chickpea Salad.

Annette bragged about the attributes of Ilex x ‘Emily Bruner’, a favorite holly.



Episode 2446
Airs on 5/12/16

On this Volunteer Gardener, we celebrate the city’s trees. Matt Kerske follows the Nashville Tree Foundation as they measure up this year’s entries in the big, old tree contest.  Tammy Algood walks the strawberry fields of Kelley’s Berry Farm in Castalian Springs.  Then, we head to Franklin to see how the 100 yard long wind rows comprised of leaves and grass clippings heat up to become a microbe-rich soil amendment.
50 Riverview Estates Lane
Castalian Springs, TN 37031

City of Franklin Public Works



Episode 2447
Airs on 5/19/16

Matt Phillipe Chadwick tours a home garden that has  just about every plant that comes to mind, and where each day holds something new.  Matt Kerske strolls the re-designed, revitalized portion of Centennial Park and learns a Nashville landmark has been rediscovered.  Jeff Poppen steers us toward grape varieties that will thrive in our humid climate. Tammy Algood shares a variety of Citrus Dressings.

Jeff Poppen recommends Concord, Delaware and Niagra varieties of grapes.  European vine grapes do not do well as they need drier air.



Episode 1741
Airs on 5/26/16

Marty DeHart heads to Brighton Tennessee to learn rose propagation techniques from the hybridizer of many popular rose varieties.  Annette Shrader puts the shears to work as she prunes American boxwoods to better complement their neighbors in the landscape.  Tammy Algood demonstrates how to blanch vegetables. Plus, we’ll do some seed starting in re-purposed containers.