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October 2016


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Episode 2514
Airs on 10/6/16 and 10/9/16

What herbs do well in our climate zone? What culinary uses do they have? We’ll visit with a Nashville couple who have border beds brimming with fragrant and flavorful herbs that the whole family enjoys. Plus, kale is one of the most nutritious plant foods in existence. Jeff Poppen explains how he achieves optimum yields. Then, join us as we ramble around the peaceful and picturesque grounds of historic Cragfont in Castalian Springs. and on facebook.



Episode 2515
Airs on 10/13/16 and 10/16/16

We introduce you to a hard-working and innovative garden enthusiast who has turned a potential neighborhood eyesore into a source of pride for the community. Julie Berbiglia shares tips and tricks for starting seeds indoors, and on the cheap. And oh, what a snapshot of spring as we enjoy the fabulous show of 100,000 tulips at Cheekwood Botanical Garden.



Episode 2441
Airs on 10/20/16 and 10/23/16

Have you noticed the beautiful ornamental cherry trees planted in public spaces throughout Nashville?  The city boasts 800 trees to date, and still planting! This accomplishment is a collaboration of the Consulate General of Japan at Nashville, the Mayor’s Office, Nashville Metro Gov’t, and Japan-America Society of TN. Sheri Gramer shows how her bed of Echinacea keep proliferating.  Phillipe Chadwick explains that the ‘when’ to prune is as important at the ‘how’. Tammy Algood does herb butter with a delicious twist. and on facebook. The festival occurs on the 2nd Saturday each April on the Public Square in Nashville, TN
Japan-America Society of TN at



Episode 2442
Aired on 4/14/16

Troy Marden enjoys the innovative design ideas found in the grand exhibit gardens at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show. Then, we’ll learn about a fungal disease now evident in Tennessee that threatens boxwoods, from those still in nursery pots to well-established plantings. Julie Berbiglia visits Nashville Hydroponics where the growing never ends. Sheri Gramer keeps her bird bath clean by tossing in some copper pennies. 
Featured gardens were by Todd Breyer, Landscape Architect and Designer
Paula Peace of Peacescapes
Nature’s Best Nursery, 7362 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135 615.776.5372 Plants featured in this garden were Loropetalum chinense (Chinese fringe flower), Wisteria sinensis ‘Cooke’s Purple’, Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’, Justicia brandegeana (shrimp plant). Also mentioned using an antique geranium ‘Pink Cactus’.