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June 2017


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Episode 2548
Airs on 6/7/17 and 6/10/17

Tennessee farmers are leading the way. Phillipe Chadwick sees how a farm in Manchester is optimizing soil health, and yields, each successive growing season. Marty DeHart offers advice to keep tomato plants growing up strong. Sheri Gramer tours a garden where the children get growing too.
Phillipe’s segment was taped with Adam Daugherty with USDA-NRCS in Manchester TN.



Episode 2551
Airs on 6/22/17 and 6/25/17

Designing, selecting and evaluating, that’s the job Troy Marden had for a garden design that would complement the views on a parcel of land on a mountain top. Phillipe Chadwick shares his expertise with floral arranging in some modern arrangements. Annette Shrader touts the benefits of mulching with dried leaves. Julie Berbiglia visits her local extension agent to learn how home gardens will be impacted by the mild winter. Tammy Algood serves up a new brunch favorite with Puffed Pear Pancake.