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March 2017


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Episode 2514
Airs on 3/2/17 and 3/5/17

What herbs do well in our climate zone? What culinary uses do they have? We’ll visit with a Nashville couple who have border beds brimming with fragrant and flavorful herbs that the whole family enjoys. Plus, kale is one of the most nutritious plant foods in existence. Jeff Poppen explains how he achieves optimum yields. Then, join us as we ramble around the peaceful and picturesque grounds of historic Cragfont in Castalian Springs. and on facebook.



Volunteer Gardener Mini-Marathon kicks off new season on 3/23/17

Episode 2538/Marathon

Volunteer Gardener 2538 /Marathon
Urban living, sidewalks, and a lush landscape? Can you have a sampling of trees, shrubs, favorite flowers and foliage? Yes you can, says designers Bill Hewitt and Marty DeHart. Annette Shrader talks about getting the most out of your annual bed by keeping the nutrients replenished for a healthy soil balance. We get a terrarium tip from Matt Kerske. Plus, Tammy Algood serves up avocado fries with cilantro dipping sauce. Yum.

Volunteer Gardener 2554 /Marathon
On this Volunteer Gardener, we sneak a peek at how designer Troy Marden plans and plots for a cohesive perennial border bed. Then, Jeff Poppen shares his experiences of overcoming common problems that come with growing tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Plus, we’ll enjoy the common and uncommon in a spectacular herb garden.
Plants mentioned in the Herb Society Display garden: Rumes acetosella (red-veined sorrel, bloody dock), Lavandula augustifolia ‘Silver Frost’, Cynara cardunculus (cardoon, artichoke thistle), Basil ‘Red Rubin’, Oregano ‘Kent Beauty’, Salvia elegans (pineapple sage), lemon verbena, lemon grass, Echinacea tennesseensis.

Volunteer Gardener 2515 /Marathon
We introduce you to a hard-working and innovative garden enthusiast who has turned a potential neighborhood eyesore into a source of pride for the community. Julie Berbiglia shares tips and tricks for starting seeds indoors, and on the cheap. And oh, what a snapshot of spring as we enjoy the fabulous show of 100,000 tulips at Cheekwood Botanical Garden.

Episode 2539
Airs on 3/30/17 and 4/2/17

Volunteer Gardener 2539 airs 3/30/17 and 4/2/17
Introducing the element of water into your landscape can be a win-win-win: a pleasant focal point, support for wildlife, and the possibility of an exciting new plant palette. Troy Marden visits with a certified landscape contractor to explore the options. Tammy Algood learns the science behind a strawberry production operation that expects to harvest 33,000 pounds of berries during the spring. Julie Berbiglia visits the 2017 Nashville Lawn and Garden show and spotlights environmentally-friendly gardening practices.

Troy’s segment was taped at JVI Secret Gardens
227 Donelson Pike, Nashville TN 37214

Tammy’s segment was taped at Dutch Garden Berries/Dutch Garden Center
63 N. Madison Drive
Humboldt, TN 38432
Call 731.499.1988 to pre-order berries 3rd week of March thru mid-June, then again Thanksgiving thru mid-January.

Julie’s segment featured
Mean Green Mowers- on facebook and at
Red-Bud-Farm - Blountville, TN. bagged, organic worm castings
Tennessee Native Plant Society at