Episode 2539

Volunteer Gardener

April 30, 2017

Season 25 | Episode 39

Troy Marden visits with a certified landscape contractor to explore the options for water features in a garden setting. Tammy Algood visits a greenhouse strawberry production operation that expects to harvest 33,000 pounds of berries during the spring. Julie Berbiglia visits the 2017 Nashville Lawn and Garden show to spotlight environmentally-friendly gardening practices.

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Greenhouse Strawberry Production on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Greenhouse Strawberry Production

We visit a half-acre greenhouse that houses more than 17,000 strawberry plants. We'll learn about the growing methods a native of the Netherlands has brought to Humboldt Tennessee.

Varieties of Water Features on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Varieties of Water Features

Introducing the element of water into your landscape can be a win-win-win: a pleasant focal point, support for wildlife, and the possibility of a new plant palette. Troy Marden visits with a certified aquascape contractor to explore the options.