May 12, 2022

Season 30 | Episode 19

Tour of a 'Barn' garden; native plants in the home landscape; proven garden performers.
Episode 3019 on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Season 30 | Episode 19

May 12, 2022

Tour of a ‘Barn’ garden; native plants in the home landscape; proven garden performers.

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Barn Garden - an homage to the past on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Barn Garden – an homage to the past

Annette Shrader tours a unique home garden in rural Tennessee. The tobacco barn once stood at the front of the property. That footprint of the b [...]

Native Plants in the Home Landscape on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Native Plants in the Home Landscape

Native plants have evolved in a region with adaptations to the geology, climate, soil, wildlife, and the other plants. Therefore, a key to succ [...]

Home landscapes: benefits and risks beyond the property line on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Home landscapes: benefits and risks beyond the property line

There are parks full of Chinese privet and bush honeysuckle. But not so long ago, gardeners bought these plants at garden centers assuming they [...]

Color in Containers on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Color in Containers

The formula for an eye-catching container is a strong thriller, some complimentary fillers, and a spiller. Sheri Gramer visits with a gardener w [...]

Pet Threats from the garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Pet Threats from the garden

Whether its a plant in the ornamental garden, a floral bouquet in a vase, or a houseplant, there are some that can cause harm to a pet. Some can [...]

Choosing a Bamboo Variety on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Choosing a Bamboo Variety

Chris Buker of Almaville Bamboo Company explains how he helps consumers get the right bamboo variety to match their objectives and the planting area.

Vertical hydroponics: growing UP on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Vertical hydroponics: growing UP

Marty DeHart tours Rally Farms, the first Nashville-based urban hydroponic farm utilizing a recycled insulated shipping container to grow produc [...]

Trees for Bees on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Trees for Bees

Flowering trees are great for pollinators! They provide high levels of pollen and nectar that bees need for their existence. Tammy Algood is at [...]

Popular Houseplants + Maintenance on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Popular Houseplants + Maintenance

Greenery brightens up indoor spaces, and is known to have mood-boosting qualities. Sheri Gramer reviews several popular indoor plants along with [...]

Autumn Nectar Plants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Autumn Nectar Plants

Environmentally conscientious gardeners should strive to grow a range of late-flowering nectar plants to provide insects with energy to migrate, [...]

Land Management

Land Management, Vanderbilt University

Julie Berbiglia visits the campus of Vanderbilt University to learn how land management practices are evolving toward greater sustainability. Wa [...]

Organic Farming: Good Start = Good Result on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Organic Farming: Good Start = Good Result

Jeff Poppen has been farming the organic way for decades. He shares his wisdom for those who are just becoming farmers. He covers a lot of the b [...]

Native Plants Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Native Plants Garden

Enjoy a spring time tour of a landscaper's home garden that is comprised of 95% native plants.

Sustainable agriculture method for a container on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Sustainable agriculture method for a container

A well-read and experienced gardener demonstrates how he recreates lasagna gardening (layering of organic materials in which to grow plants) in [...]

Becoming Invasive Free on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Becoming Invasive Free

Julie Berbiglia visits Warner Parks in Nashville where invasive plants are being chopped down, wrenched up, and tugged out to become Invasive Fr [...]

Increasing Soil Fertility on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Increasing Soil Fertility

Jeff Poppen discusses simple and frugal ways to add soil fertility to a garden space. Using compost and cover crops bring rewards at harvest tim [...]

Pocket prairie on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Pocket prairie

A pocket prairie is a small handcrafted parcel that is dominated by grasses and forbs. Troy Marden visits Mike Berkley of Growild Inc to learn t [...]

Nature's Way to Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Nature’s Way to Garden

Sheri Gramer strolls through the mountain top garden of an experienced grower. Rich color is seen in the selection of trees, there is year-round [...]

Clean Genes Farm on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Clean Genes Farm

Clean Genes Farm specializes in growing salad greens 365 days a year. And here on this family farm, efficiency is a must. Annette Shrader sees t [...]

No Till Agriculture on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

No Till Agriculture

Tammy Algood explores the benefits of no till agriculture for both the farmer and the land. Hutchinson Farms has been at the forefront of this e [...]

Beekeeper + Flower Farmer on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Beekeeper + Flower Farmer

Sheri Gramer introduces us to the son of a grower who also feels compelled to grow. He decided to do annuals in a big way. They are beautiful to [...]

Blessings of a Community Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Blessings of a Community Garden

Julie Berbiglia tours a new community garden on the grounds of St. John AME Church in Nashville TN. The church was working toward creating a com [...]

Accenting Mother Nature's Gifts on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Accenting Mother Nature’s Gifts

The prevalence of natural stone in this backyard could be daunting to a garden designer. However, this gardener has embraced the stone and acce [...]

Southall Orchard on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Southall Orchard

More than 1500 apple trees representing 35 different cultivars grace this hillside at Southall Orchard in Franklin TN. Some are bred over genera [...]

American Heritage Trees on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

American Heritage Trees

Troy Marden tours a specialty nonprofit nursery which is dedicated to preserving and growing trees with historic lineage. It is located on a Cen [...]

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