Episode 2821

Volunteer Gardener

June 04, 2020

Season 28 | Episode 21

On this episode of Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, we take a look at the various ways to obtain a bountiful harvest in one's own backyard. Phillipe Chadwick visits with a couple who are working toward a closed loop food system. Matt Kerske meets up with a farmer who grows aeroponically. Jeff Poppen visits with a vegetable grower who uses raised bed as they discuss best practices.

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Garden consult on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Garden consult

Organic market farmer Jeff Poppen visits a backyard vegetable grower to share his many years of experience and gained knowledge.

Aeroponics on NPT's Volunteer Gardener


We visit TN Urban Farms to see how greens, herbs and vegetables are being grown in vertical food-grade plastic towers. The ingredients for growing so fast and healthy are water, light, nutrients and oxygen. This greenhouse operation boasts 440 plants in production in just a 6 ’x 8’ greenhouse space.

Urban Homesteading on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Urban Homesteading

A couple has a large vegetable growing operation underway in their small urban backyard, complete with chickens and a spot for seed starting.