Episode 3019

Volunteer Gardener

May 12, 2022

Season 30 | Episode 19

Annette Shrader enjoys a stroll in an ornamental garden that pays homage to the tobacco barn that once occupied the space. Tammy Algood and Margie Hunter discuss the attributes of native plants. Including a high percentage of natives means less maintenance after planting. Troy Marden showcases perennials that have a proven track record in Tennessee climate zones.

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Barn Garden - an homage to the past on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Barn Garden – an homage to the past

Annette Shrader tours a unique home garden in rural Tennessee. The tobacco barn once stood at the front of the property. That footprint of the barn is now home to a garden filled with shrubs, perennials, trees and annuals. The selections were made that would allow wildlife to hide, birds to nest, and pollinators to find support. Relics of the past are also incorporated, which illustrate the bygone era.

Native Plants in the Home Landscape on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Native Plants in the Home Landscape

Native plants have evolved in a region with adaptations to the geology, climate, soil, wildlife, and the other plants. Therefore, a key to successful ornamental gardening would be to include a high percentage of native trees, shrubs and perennials. Tammy Algood discusses the attributes of natives with Margie Hunter, author of 'Gardening with Native Plants of Tennessee: The Spirit of Place'.