Episode 3206

Volunteer Gardener

August 24, 2023

Season 32 | Episode 06

April Moore finds a collection of heirloom varieties of fall greens that are tasty right through first frost. Troy Marden has a showcase of houseplants for novices and experts alike. Annette Shrader visits with a new gardener who got the bonus of an established and well-designed garden with her home purchase. Marty DeHart shares information about the new hybrids of thornless blackberry shrub

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Houseplants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener


Houseplants are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, especially among young people. Not only do they add to the decor of an indoor space, but greenery contributes to a positive environment. Troy Marden showcases a collection of pretty aroids.

Thornless Blackberry on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Thornless Blackberry

Marty DeHart recommends Prime-Ark Freedom Primo cane blackberry plants for homeowners that want to try growing fruit. The attributes of this hybrid are many: the fruit is large, firm and sweet, the canes are upright and thornless, and it is ever-bearing.

Fall Greens on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Fall Greens

In autumn, the display garden beds at the entrance to Andrew Jackson's Hermitage are planted in heirloom varieties of greens. These tasty greens are plants that you can cut continually until first frost, and beyond.

Getting a Garden with the house on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Getting a Garden with the house

Annette Shrader visits with a new gardener who got the bonus of a sloped backyard with terraced garden beds at the home she purchased. The space had been lovingly designed, complete with stone walls and a collection of trees, by a gardener who lived there for decades. The beauty of it is appreciated by the current owner as she maintains it and adds new interest.