Episode 3213

Volunteer Gardener

March 28, 2024

Season 32 | Episode 13

We'll tour a delightful home garden that begins at the curb, and continues all the way to the rear property line. Tammy Algood discovers this gardener had a vision forty years ago, and made the dream a reality. Troy Marden shares a group of magnificent flowering plants he started from seed 4 months ago. Jeff Poppen demonstrates how to re-mineralize the soil for good yields.

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Re-mineralizing on NPT's Volunteer Gardener


For optimum yields, a farmer has to replenish the minerals in production fields.

Gloxinia on NPT's Volunteer Gardener


Gloxinia are magnificent flowering plants in the same plant family as African violets but with bigger blooms and leaves. Troy Marden shows off his collection he grew from seed 4 months prior indoors under LED grow lights. Learn growing tips and maintenance pointers.

My garden is my favorite place on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

My garden is my favorite place

We tour a home garden that's been 40 years in the making, by a woman who says gardening brings her joy. There's no mowing in her backyard, as it is full of garden beds, pathways, container combinations, a pond, and some gorgeous mature shrubs and trees. There's a progression of dominant colors in this space, and it's all a sight to behold.