Episode 3222

Volunteer Gardener

June 27, 2024

Season 32 | Episode 22

Can you have a residential landscape that is both supportive of wildlife, and cohesive and tidy? Rita Venable introduces us to a pair of Master Gardeners who have designed and installed a landscape loaded with native plants. Sheri Gramer introduces us to a woman who wanted a field of dreams in front of her home. That meant a view of 5,000 daffodils in bloom. We learn how it came to be.

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Let nature be nature in the home landscape on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Let nature be nature in the home landscape

We're introduced to a couple who have planted their yard in native plants that nurture wildlife, yet the landscape fits well in the subdivision setting. The front yard is more uniform with colors of white, purple and pink blooms. A newly planted border bed along the side of the house features shade plants. The largest space, the backyard, features bordered vegetable beds and vignettes filled with pollinator-friendly plants.

Daffodil Field of Dreams on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Daffodil Field of Dreams

When we heard there was a person in Sparta TN that had taken steps to make a planting dream come true, we had to find out from the source. Sheri Gramer introduces us to Tracy, who set out to plant 5.000 daffodil bulbs in the half acre in front of her front porch. With the help of lots of family and friends, this is now a reality that is sure to increase in the 'wow' factor each and every year.