Episode 2643

Volunteer Gardener

April 26, 2018

Season 26 | Episode 43

On Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, gardener Tom Anderson talks hugelkultur, trench composting and vermiculture as they tour Tom's vegetable garden and permaculture area. Troy Marden visits a mature hilltop garden brimming with native plants at peak springtime glory. Davidson County Master Gardeners maximize the growing potential in a raised bed garden divided into square feet.

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Building Rich Soil on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Building Rich Soil

Annette Shrader visits with a life-long gardener who shares organic methods for building soil full of nutrients and microbes. Trench composting, hugelkultur, vermiculture and permaculture are discussed.

Springtime Beauty with Native Plants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Springtime Beauty with Native Plants

We visit a mature hilltop garden filled with native plants at peak springtime perfection. Troy Marden highlights the perennials, shrubs and trees that bring color and fragrance to this garden, and they're dependable too.

Square foot gardening on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Square foot gardening

Julie Berbiglia visits the Davidson County Master Gardeners Demo Garden to see a raised bed in which the space has been optimized with the square foot garden method.