Episode 2642

Volunteer Gardener

April 19, 2018

Season 26 | Episode 42

On Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, see areas that have become overgrown with invasive plants choke out native species. The Nashville Chew Crew team is comprised of sheep, that clears out the invasive vegetation. Wildflowers offer a large variety of colors for the landscape. We'll tempt you with an array of beautiful plants. Finally, we tour a well-tended vegetable garden.

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Sheep: The Landscape Managers on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Sheep: The Landscape Managers

Public green space can engulfed with invasive plants species, choking out the native plants. Landscape management of such areas typically means heavy machinery, noise and emissions. However, the Nashville Chew Crew's team is an ecologically friendly, light-footed, people-pleasing flock of sheep which chomps those invasive plants up.

Wildflower Showcase on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Wildflower Showcase

We visit Sunlight Gardens Nursery in Andersonville TN for a sampling of beautiful wildflower options for the home landscape. Most important to success is choosing the right plant for the right spot.