Episode 2816

Volunteer Gardener

April 16, 2020

Season 28 | Episode 16

On Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, Jeff Poppen tours the vegetable beds of a home gardener to see what she's got growing in the field, and what she grows in raised beds. Julie Berbiglia learns the challenges and rewards of raising backyard chickens and gardening. Marty DeHart visits a grower of tomatoes who does it a unique way.

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Chicken Chat on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Chicken Chat

We visit with an experienced urban hen keeper in Nashville, TN to glean great tips and know-how. @judyschickens gives us the scoop on the coop, realistic expectations, and unexpected things that are going to happen. Judy is also an extensive gardener, so she talks about how backyard chickens and backyard garden beds can co-exist.

Growing Veggies: Ground vs. Raised Beds on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Growing Veggies: Ground vs. Raised Beds

For home growers, there are choices in how to go about it. While some vegetable crops are best to grow in the ground in rows or a patch, others can be well-suited for raised beds. Jeff Poppen visits with a Clarksville, TN gardener to see how she does it.

Growing tomatoes in containers on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Growing tomatoes in containers

Container gardening is well-suited for growing tomatoes, yet it still has its challenges. We visit a grower who gleaned information and advice from Craig LeHoullier in his book 'Epic Tomatoes'. We learn from his experience how to minimize the damage of blight and blossom end rot.