Episode 2910

Volunteer Gardener

March 25, 2021

Season 29 | Episode 10

On this episode of Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, Tammy Algood sees how drastic the pruning should be on a peach tree so it will produce quality fruit. Phillipe Chadwick learns how to evaluate plants coming out of the winter to determine what may need attention. Annette Shrader tours a backyard with a great water feature and the landscape that accentuates it.

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Fruit Tree Pruning on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Fruit Tree Pruning

"I've yet to see a fruit tree that was over-pruned", says Dave Lockwood, Fruit & Nuts Crop Specialist with UT Extension. Dave demonstrates how he'd approach the pruning of an 'Intrepid' peach tree to open it up to sunlight, increase air circulation, and allow the tree to produce bigger, better fruit.