Episode 3004

Volunteer Gardener

July 22, 2021

Season 30 | Episode 04

Orchids can add beauty to the home year after year. Annette Shrader visits with a knowledgeable orchid enthusiast to learn about proper watering, fertilization, re-potting critieria, and preferred growing medium. Troy Marden strolls the sweeping perennial borders of an estate garden in Memphis.

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Growing Health Orchids on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Growing healthy orchids

Orchids are popular house plants and can produce beautiful blooms over many years, if they receive the proper care. Annette Shrader sets out to de-mystify orchid growing with an orchid hobbyist and member of the Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee. Growing medium, proper watering and fertilization, re-potting, pests + solutions are all discussed.