Episode 3010

Volunteer Gardener

September 23, 2021

Season 30 | Episode 10

Tammy Algood strolls the apple orchard at Southall Farms in Franklin TN and learns the efficiency of espalier. Julie Berbiglia learns how a Nashville church partnered with others in the community to create a high yielding vegetable garden. Annette Shrader tours a backyard landscape that may have intimidated some gardeners. Sheri Gramer meets a hobbyist beekeeper and flower farmer.

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Beekeeper + Flower Farmer on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Beekeeper + Flower Farmer

Sheri Gramer introduces us to the son of a grower who also feels compelled to grow. He decided to do annuals in a big way. They are beautiful to look at, and support the 25 beehives he maintains. Zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers thrive in this home garden on a grand scale.

Blessings of a Community Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Blessings of a Community Garden

Julie Berbiglia tours a new community garden on the grounds of St. John AME Church in Nashville TN. The church was working toward creating a commercial kitchen, but circumstances changed. In 2020, a tornado took out the church building, and then 2 weeks later the COVID protocols were established. Partnerships were formed, the plan pivoted in scope, and now the community has an inspiring and bountiful garden. All those in the neighborhood are invited to participate in its plantings and harvest.

Accenting Mother Nature's Gifts on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Accenting Mother Nature’s Gifts

The prevalence of natural stone in this backyard could be daunting to a garden designer. However, this gardener has embraced the stone and accented its borders and even planted the crevices and craters.

Southall Orchard on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Southall Orchard

More than 1500 apple trees representing 35 different cultivars grace this hillside at Southall Orchard in Franklin TN. Some are bred over generations for a unique flavor profile, some for ciders, for firmness or longevity. All of the trees are pruned in espalier form.