Episode 3105

Volunteer Gardener

September 08, 2022

Season 31 | Episode 05

We meet a gardener who took a blank backyard and turned it into a lovely garden space that she can't wait to stroll through each morning. Marty DeHart shares her care and maintenance regimen to keep hybrid tea roses healthy and gorgeous. Pumpkins weighing in at 500 pounds? A watermelon at 200 pounds? We'll visit with a grower of giant produce.

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Gardening makes me happy on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Gardening makes me happy

We visit a gardener who took the blank slate that was her home's backyard and turned it into a lovely garden space she can't wait to go check out each morning. Tammy Algood walks the paths of this energetic gardener who loves her ornamental plants, the vegetable beds, and her water feature.

Rose Care for hybrid tea on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Rose Care for hybrid tea

Marty DeHart explains how to plant, prune and care for hybrid tea and grandiflora roses. She shares her preferred fertilizer and application information. Marty also discusses the diseases and pests that these roses are susceptible to and how to manage it effectively.