Episode 3112

Volunteer Gardener

March 30, 2023

Season 31 | Episode 12

The area known as the Nashville Basin, a rare ecosystem of limestone cedar glades, is home to a wide range of native plants. Marty DeHart spotlights some showstoppers that are garden worthy. Boxwoods respond well to pruning each February. We get a tutorial in cloud pruning of these garden staples. Phillipe Chadwick visits with a home grower of heirloom varieties of grain corn.

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Boxwood Cloud Pruning on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Boxwood Cloud Pruning

Late February is the ideal time to prune boxwood. Annette Shrader learns the Must Do's to keep them healthy and thriving for decades.

Garden Worthy Cedar Glade Natives on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Garden Worthy Cedar Glade Natives

Primarily found in the Central Basin of Tennessee, native cedar glade plants can bring interest and color to garden beds. Mary DeHart shares her recommendations for dependable performance and long-lasting blooms.