Episode 3118

Volunteer Gardener

May 11, 2023

Season 31 | Episode 18

Shady gardens can be a respite from the harsh sun rays, and also an opportunity for a pleasant plant palette. Tammy Algood is at the UT Gardens in Knoxville to tour the Tranquility Garden filled with hostas, and the many plants that accentuate them. Phillipe Chadwick introduces us to raft hydroponics in a large greenhouse operation. April Moore touts the beauty and reliability of daffodils.

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Tranquility Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Tranquility Garden

Tammy Algood is at the UT Gardens in Knoxville to enjoy the Tranquility Garden featuring more than 500 varieties of hosta. Good garden design is on display here as other shade loving plants are combined with the hosta throughout the garden which makes each plant noticeable.

Daffodils: Undemanding and Reliable on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Daffodils: Undemanding and Reliable

Daffodils are some of the easiest flowers to grow, and they multiply readily. They come in different forms and colors. Some even change color as they mature. April Moore shares several of her favorites.