Episode 3121

Volunteer Gardener

June 29, 2023

Season 31 | Episode 21

Troy Marden is a bit envious of this gardener's success growing lupines. The flower lady shares the methods used to get these show spires in Tennessee. Also somewhat challenging to grow is squash. They are susceptible to a lot of pests. Jeff Poppen shares his tips for a good harvest. Plus Tammy Algood cooks up some tasty Puffed Pear Pancakes.

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Squash Woes on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Squash Woes

To avoid problems with growing squash, Jeff Poppen employs the principles of farming developed long ago. This includes an emphasis on soil drainage, and the liberal use of compost.

Success growing lupines on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Success growing lupines

The showy spires of lupines are not an easy flower to grow in the South, but this gardener accepted the challenge. And boy, did she achieve. Troy Marden is eager to learn about her methods that have her garden bed graced with these beauties.