Episode 3202

Volunteer Gardener

July 13, 2023

Season 32 | Episode 02

Troy Marden takes us behind the scenes with a nurseryman to understand what figures into the cost of a plant at the retail center. Jeff Poppen shows us how easy it is to propagate Southern high bush blueberry plants. Tammy Algood tours a display garden featuring an array of colorful annuals.

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Color Garden Inspiration on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Color Garden Inspiration

If you are looking for a big impact in the landscape, it's hard to beat the eye-catching color that annuals provide. Tammy Algood gets inspired by the great combination of annuals featured in the color garden at the Botanical Garden of Tennessee - Knoxville.

Cost of a nursery plant on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Cost of a nursery plant

What determines the price of a potted perennial, or a mature field-grown tree? Troy Marden visits with Matt Dawson, the owner of Samara Farms wholesale plant nursery, to gain insight into what costs are incurred from acquisition to consumer. It goes beyond the nursery pot, media, fertilizer, and infrastucture.

Propagating blueberries on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Propagating blueberries

Jeff Poppen harvests blueberries from Southern highbush plants that are 5th generation from ones he purchased 40 years ago. He demonstrates how to propagate from root runners, and how to plant for the best chance of success.