Propagating blueberries

Jeff Poppen harvests blueberries from Southern highbush plants that are 5th generation from ones he purchased 40 years ago. He demonstrates how to propagate from root runners, and how to plant for the best chance of success.

Gardener Extras

  1. Southern highbush is a hybrid with genetics from both Northern highbush and native Southern rabbiteye.
  2. Sulfur reacts with bacteria in the soil and produces sulfuric acid, which releases hydrogen ions thus causing the soil to become more acidic and the pH level is lowered.
  3. Mulch blueberry bushes with organic matter about 4 inches deep, and keep the depth maintained over time.
  4. Willow stems emit an auxin called IAB (indolbutytric acid) a hormone that naturally stimulates roots to grow.

Jeff Poppen

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