Sheep: The Landscape Managers

Public green space can engulfed with invasive plants species, choking out the native plants. Landscape management of such areas typically means heavy machinery, noise and emissions. However, the Nashville Chew Crew’s team is an ecologically friendly, light-footed, people-pleasing flock of sheep which chomps those invasive plants up.

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  1. Invasive plants deplete soil nutrients and moisture from nearby plants, making growth and regeneration harder on the native species.
  2. Winter creeper (climbing euonymous) and honeysuckle is capable of engulfing trees and shrubs, causing their collapse.
  3. Bradford pear, or Callery pear, is not a good landscape option. It has been found to have invasive traits that enable it to spread aggressively.
  4. At a minimum, Nashville Chew Crew flocks are comprised of 20 sheep and 2 livestock guard dogs. Larger projects may require as many as 60 sheep.
  5. Nashville Chew Crew is the first step in eradicating invasive plants. Roots and stumps also need to be removed and there are various methods to accomplishing that.

Julie Berbiglia

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