Episode 2739

Volunteer Gardener

May 28, 2019

Season 27 | Episode 39

On Nashville Public Television's Volunteer Gardener, we visit a place to relax, to gather, to grow. That's what these Sumner County Master Gardeners create and cultivate in this courtyard space for a grateful retirement community. Plus, did you know interior-scaping is a thing? We'll take a look at some trendy houseplants. Then we check out the Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange.

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Garden Space to Grow and Glow on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Garden Space to Grow and Glow

The residents and staff of Park Place Retirement Community very much enjoy their outdoor garden spaces. All of the garden beds and raised plots were installed and are continually maintained and enhanced by a group of dedicated volunteers with the Sumner County Master Gardeners.

Trends in Houseplants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Trends in Houseplants

Alocasia, Tillandsia, and Calathea. These are a few of the plant families that have stirred the heart of a new generation. Millenials have embraced indoor plants, and sales have increased by 421% since December 2013.We visit Lawrence & Clark Cacti Co. to see the plants that are all the rage.

Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange

Herb, flower and vegetable seeds are available for free through the Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange. All you need is a valid library card. Various workshops on gardening topics are offered throughout the year too.