Trends in Houseplants

Alocasia, Tillandsia, and Calathea. These are a few of the plant families that have stirred the heart of a new generation. Millenials have embraced indoor plants, and sales have increased by 421% since December 2013.We visit Lawrence & Clark Cacti Co. to see the plants that are all the rage.

Plants Featured in this Clip

Alocasia 'Polly'
Calathea lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)
Calathea ornata 'Pinstripe'
Pothos (Devil's Ivy)
Tillandsia xerographica
Cereus peruvianus
Pilea peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant)
Ficus lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig)

Gardener Extras

  1. Epiphytes rely on various other plants for physical support, growing on branches and limbs rather than rooting in soil.
  2. Kim recommends giving air plants a rinse once a week and a mist in-between. Increase this frequency during winter. Do not soak in water.
  3. Fiddle leaf figs need 6 hours of sun/day. Do not position near a vent of drafty space.

Gardener Notes

Lawrence and Clark Cacti Co. 615.357.0827 2003 Old Hickory Blvd, Old Hickory TN 37137 Plants featured: Alocasia 'Polly', Calathea lancifolia (rattle snake plant), Calathea ornate 'Pinstripe', Tillandsia xerographica, Cereus peruvianus, Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant, pancake plant, UFO plant), Ficus lyrata (fiddle-leaf fig)

Phillipe Chadwick

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