Episode 3115

Volunteer Gardener

April 20, 2023

Season 31 | Episode 15

A common way to grow a staghorn fern is mounted onto a board. Sheri Gramer walks us through the process. Marty DeHart shares the optimum growing conditions for hellebores and discusses their attributes. Jeff Poppen discuses a few ways to use green manure crops once they've reached maturity in the garden. Annette Shrader tours a home ornamental garden that was created on a backyard slope.

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Hellebores: Culture and Attributes on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Hellebores: Culture and Attributes

Hellebores are a hardy perennial that is a star during late-winter and early spring. Thanks to hybridization, they come in a dazzling array of bloom varieties. Marty DeHart visits with hybridizer Joe Woodard to discuss the attributes and culture of this popular plant.

Staghorn Fern - How to Mount on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Staghorn Fern – How to Mount

The staghorn fern can be grown as a houseplant, or outdoors in areas with a milder climate. Commonly, the fern is attached to a wooden surface to mimic how they grow in nature. Sheri Gramer walks us through the process of securely attaching a fern to a wooden board for good plant health, and an amazing display.

How to Use Green Manures on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

How to Use Green Manures

Jeff Poppen knows the valuable benefits of cover crops, also known as green manure. When used in a home garden, he advises to pull up the plants at maturity, shake off the valuable soil, and then enrich the compost pile with the plants. For a farm field of cover crops, he mows the field several times over a 2 week span, and chisel plows all the plant material into the soil. Then the microbes do their good work.