Episode 3210

Volunteer Gardener

September 21, 2023

Season 32 | Episode 10

We follow the evolution of a front yard cottage garden from the enthusiastic new gardener/homeowner. Bright blooms bring a smile to all who pass by. Then, we'll learn how to get the most from our indoor holiday plants such as poinsettias and paper whites. Plus, we get a lesson on being an idle gardener. Non-action can provide habitat and sustainability to beneficial insects and wildlife.

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Winter Blooms for Indoor Spaces on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Winter Blooms for Indoor Spaces

Troy Marden shares his experience and some growing tips for plants that offer blooms during the winter months. Holiday cactus, poinsettias, and spring bulbs - including paperwhites, are highlighted.

Leave the Leaves on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Leave the Leaves

We are encouraged to 'leave the leaves' and 'save the stems' to provide valuable organic matter, and to build up healthy soil in our yards and garden beds. This practice also helps pollinators and invertebrates, as it provides them with winter cover.

Cheerful medley of color and forms on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Cheerful medley of color and forms

This garden was transformed from a typical lawn into this colorful, pollinator-friendly garden not that long ago. We'll meet the gardener to learn about his plant choices and combinations. This garden brings smiles to all those who pass by.