Episode 3211

Volunteer Gardener

September 28, 2023

Season 32 | Episode 11

We meet a couple whose landscape goal was to incorporate plants from their past, and accentuate the backyard view of the Red River. We visit Red Thread Farm in Franklin TN to discuss the practices they employ for optimum soil health. Protecting your plant investment over the winter months is important, so we look at a variety of plant types and give advice about steps to keeping them long term.

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Regenerative gardening practices on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Regenerative gardening practices

We learn about healthy fertile soil on a visit to Red Thread Farm, a micro family farm in Franklin TN. There's no mechanized tillage that happens here, just a liberal use of broadforks. Keeping the soil covered is a priority, either with a thick mulch or cover crops. And there's no commercial pesticide use on the premises. All methods used are meant to enhance microbial activity in the soil, and in turn, produce nutrient-rich vegetables.

Protecting Plants during Winter on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Protecting Plants during Winter

Whether it's a tender perennial, an herbaceous perennial, or a sub-tropical like dahlias, April Moore explains how to protect plants over winter so they'll be good to go next growing season.

Making a Landscape Your Own on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Making a Landscape Your Own

We visit the home gardens of a couple who enjoy living on the banks of the Red River. They set out to complement the river view by adding a variety of trees, shrubs and terraced gardens.