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Hellebore hybridizing on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Hellebore hybridizing

Marty DeHart visits with a passionate plants person who hybridizes and cultivates hellebores. It's mid-March, and these 'jewels of winter' are showing off their colors in beautiful blooms. We learn the successes of hybridization: the new characteristics, bloom size, colors, and habit are evident in the several cultivars we examine.

Dependable Annuals on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Dependable Annuals

Marty DeHart showcases a wide variety of annuals that she endorses as outstanding performers for season long color in garden beds and containers.

Tropical Plant Introductions on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Tropical Plant Introductions

Brian Williams of Brian's Botanicals wows us with some interesting tropical plants, specifically elephant ears in a compact form that he's been breeding .

Touring an American Daylily Society Display Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Touring an American Daylily Society Display Garden

Annette Shrader tours a country estate landscape that has some of the very best cultivars of the daylily, earning it the status of an official American Daylily Society Display Garden. She learns which characteristics of this easy-care perennial this collector enjoys the most. Hint: its the variety in colors and petal forms, and the way one plant can have blooms over a period of several weeks. His collection tops 1,800 plants.

Jade Plants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Jade Plants

Referred to as the money tree, or lucky plant, jade plants are native to KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa, and Mozambique. They have become a common houseplant worldwide. Tammy Algood visits with a collector to learn the number one mistake people make in caring for their jade plant, and how easy they are to propagate.

Clematis Collection on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Clematis Collection

While some clematis have eye-catching big blooms, there's also varieties with small showy blooms in abundance. Troy Marden visits with an avid gardener who shares her collection of clematis from the Viticella group.

Staghorn Fern Collection on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Staghorn Fern Collection

Annette Shrader visits a plantsman that has a collection of staghorn ferns that include both 'antler' frond and shield frond varieties. This impressive collection of epiphytes represent native regions around the globe. This discussion encompasses plant culture, growth habit, propagation, and recommended care.

Bullet-Proof Plants on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Bullet Proof Plants

Beginning gardeners can gain confidence by starting with some tough plants, and Julie Berbiglia shares some perennials and herbs from her own garden that have thrived. Even better, some of these will do so well you'll be able to pass along plants to others in a few seasons.

Bamboo: Attributes and Containment on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Bamboo: Attributes and Containment

Sheri Gramer is a newcomer to bamboo, so she seeks expert advice at Almaville Bamboo Company in Almaville, TN. Proprietor Chris Buker explains how bamboo is an economical way to create a privacy screen which is pest-free, low maintenance, grows in poor soil conditions, and offers the height that shrubs and trees do not. For more information, abcbamboo.com.

Begonias on NPT's Volunteer Gardener


Troy Marden shows off the striking foliage and the pretty flowers of begonias. This popular plant can be grown indoors and out, and is low maintenance too. For more information, www.tennesseetropicals.com

Pitcher Plants: Propagation on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Pitcher Plants: Propagation

Nepenthes, also known as tropical pitcher plants, exist in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Phillipe Chadwick visits Red Leaf Exotics to learn how these cool, carnivorous plants are propagated.

Plant Display: Why not a Log? on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Plant Display: Why not a Log?

Our plant container guru, Annette Shrader, seized the opportunity to create a unique planter when she spotted a large hollow log floating in the lake during a fishing trip. Follow along as she plants it up with colorful Sempervivum that will be ideal for the final spot this planter will land on the edge of the carport. It turned into an eye-catching succulent display.