Unique Trees

Trees are important to the urban landscape, and the Nashville Tree Foundation celebrates trees with its annual Big Old Tree Contest. This year there are 2 new categories for nominations: unique trees and story trees. We take a look at four healthy and vibrant trees, but are quite unique and awesome.

Plants Featured in this Clip

ACER saccharium (Silver maple)
SALIX nigra (Black willow)
MACLURA pomifera (Osage orange)
QUERCUS muehlenbergii (Chinkapin oak)

Gardener Extras

  1. Founded in 1986, the Nashville Tree Foundation works to preserve and enhance Nashville's urban areas, identifying the oldest and largest trees in Davidson County and educating the public about the value of trees.

Gardener Notes

nashvilletreefoundation.org/botc to nominate a big, old tree, a story tree or a unique tree in Davidson County, Tennessee

Julie Berbiglia

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