Episode 3102

Volunteer Gardener

July 28, 2022

Season 31 | Episode 02

Roses are plentiful on a lovely day in May at a home garden in Hendersonville TN. We look at a variety of treasured performers including miniatures, climbers and shrub roses. Jeff Poppen tours a family's blueberry fields to learn what varieties they grow. Sheri Gramer visits a plant nursery that specializes in field grown ornamental grasses.

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Glorious garden on a suburban lot on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Glorious garden on a suburban lot

Everything's coming up roses in this home garden in Hendersonville, Tennessee. It's a beautiful day in May, and this garden is flush with blooms on more than 150 rose plants. We learn about some of the grower's top performers including climbers, shrub roses and miniatures.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses, Crowder Fields

Sheri Gramer tours Crowder Fields where they specialize in field-grown ornamental grasses. We take a closer look at several varieties from tall and substantial down to compact and graceful.