Ornamental Grasses, Crowder Fields

Sheri Gramer tours Crowder Fields where they specialize in field-grown ornamental grasses. We take a closer look at several varieties from tall and substantial down to compact and graceful.

Plants Featured in this Clip

MISCANTHUS gracillimus
MISCANTHUS sinensis (Zebra grass) Zebrinus
PENNISETUM orientale Karley Rose
PANICUM amarum 'Dewey Blue'
CALAMAGROSTIS acutiflora Karl Foerster
PENNISETUM alopecuroides (Fountain grass)
MISCANTHUS sinensis Little Zebra
MUHLENBERGIA capillaris White Cloud

Gardener Notes

Crowder Fields 2186 Mooresville Hwy Lewisburg TN 37091 931.607.0178 [email protected]

Sheri Gramer

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