Regenerative gardening practices

We learn about healthy fertile soil on a visit to Red Thread Farm, a micro family farm in Franklin TN. There’s no mechanized tillage that happens here, just a liberal use of broadforks. Keeping the soil covered is a priority, either with a thick mulch or cover crops. And there’s no commercial pesticide use on the premises. All methods used are meant to enhance microbial activity in the soil, and in turn, produce nutrient-rich vegetables.

Gardener Extras

  1. Soil microorganisms are classified into 7 different categories: bacteria, fungi, virus, blue-green algae, actinomycetes, protozoa, and nematodes.
  2. Soil temps can affect organic matter decomposition and mineralization rates, thereby impacting microbial biomass and activity levels. Bare soil will have lower microbial activity occurring, regardless of season.
  3. Studies show that microbial activity in agricultural soils increases in the fall, likely due to an increased level of nutrients and soil organic matter from crop and plant residue post-harvest.
  4. The soil contains a wide-range of substrates for microorganisms, from simple sugars to the most complex materials, such as humus.

Gardener Notes

Red Thread Farm 5561 Parker Branch Road, Franklin TN 37064 [email protected] Farm Store Wed-Sat. 9am - 4pm

Tammy Algood

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