Dramatic Winter Damage

Troy Marden shares his findings and lends insight into the plant damage that occurred during a rapid and dramatic drop in temperature in late December 2022. Trees, shrubs, and perennials – so many treasured garden plants were affected. Learn how long you should ‘wait and see’, and what is likely lost in total.

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ACER palmatum 'Bihou'

Gardener Extras

  1. Most ornamental grasses are cold hardy and will sprout back from the crowns. Wait until early summer to see what comes back.
  2. Laurel varieties include SCHIPKAENSIS (Schip laurel), LAURUS nobilis (sweet bay), PRUNUS laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' (cherry laurel), KALMIA latifolia (mountain laurel), and MAGNOLIA grandiflora (laurel magnolia).
  3. Distyliums have been promoted as an exciting, new group of broadleaf evergreens for the southern garden. However, these are not faring well in Zone 7a in a typical winter, so buyer beware.
  4. If you love camellias and want the investment to last, Troy recommends the April series of cold hardy camellias introduced by Dr. Clifford Parks.
  5. One should expect that nandinas, like aucubas, will have to be cut back hard in most instances.

Troy B. Marden

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